Isis Luxury Belgium Chocolate

Last night I was so angry at my boyfriend and I said a lot of nasty things to him. Feeling a bit guilty, I bought this box of chocolate for him. A box of chocolate is always a magical thing. Just let the magic heal your worries. Don't you think the packing is so nice. It can be an ideal Christmas gift and you don't have to worry about wrapping it.

We slowly unfold the box to preserve the excitement. Somehow the feeling is as real as unwrapping a Christmas gift. By the way, that's his hand. My hand is not that ugly and I have nice french manicure on my nails.

It has a piece of cardboard that says Pieces of Love on it. Perhaps, every piece is made out of Love. How lovely...

The climax approached when he's done with all the unwrapping, and the luxurious chocolates laid peacefully in their position waiting to be savoured by us. Let me tell you all of their names (yeap, they have individual names). From top left, the one wrapped with gold foil, it's called Gianduja - a smooth hazelnut praline. Next to it is Amandine - almond praline. And next is Cuba - bitter hazelnut cream. It's not really that bitter anyway. Next is Java - coffee cream. This one is really creamy with pieces of crispy chocolate in between. On the next row beginning from the left again, is Richelieu - orange liqueur cream. Next, the Royal - caramel. And next, Noisettine - hazelnut praline. And the last one is Napoli - cherry in Kirsch cream. I stole on of the Napoli and keeping it in my bag. I will eat it once I've finish this entry :)

I took one of the Cuba because my boyfriend doesn't like dark chocolate. He's so stupid...dark chocolate is the best chocolate that contains anti-oxidant. I'll take it no matter what. It makes me feel good and young after eating it. Anyway, as I took the first bit, that was the result. And I think it looks like Darth Vader. Don't you think so? On the second bite, it looks like a samurai. I couldn't take anymore picture because my camera was running out of power.

Overall, I'll rate this chocolate 6/10. Good right? It's made 100% in Belgium.