You shouldn't eat this!

Creative Laura shared with us her beautiful creation for Christmas! A Christmas tree cupcake! Laura, I've never seen such interesting cupcake in my life ever! Everyone, please give her a big applause!

These are the rest of her cupcakes. She made the M&M topping cupcakes!!! I've never thought of that! I always wonder how some people afford to eat these cupcakes without feeling guilty. They are so beautiful, I just want to frame it up.

I'm a sucker for pastel color icing. These lovely yellow pastel icing are my favorite. On second thought, I think those yellow icing cupcakes are really suitable for baby birthday cupcakes. Agree?
I'm a bigger sucker for pink. Somehow these reminds me Marie Antoinette's beehive hair.

Ok, girls...if you're looking for Valentine's Day idea... bake a cupcake!