Japanese Dessert...Oishii!!!

We already know how brilliant Japanese are with their ideas. There is no exception when it comes to dessert. As I was surfing my favorite blogs as usual, I came to Lavender Summer Dreams. Miss Sweet Lavender posted up these photos to tempt us. How cruel you are (she's trying to tempt us and making us fat!)...But we really thank you for showing us all these beautiful dessert.



Little chick. A friend used to bring back some for me. I always resist eating because they are so cute.


Various Mochi and strawberry Mochi on the right

Variety of Japanese sweets

Delicious fruit pies

Black sesame ball

Dorayaki. Remember this? Doraemon's favorite!

Cupcakes and bun. Oh, I will die for the pastel green and pink one!

Ice cream cakes. Strawberry on the left (duh!) and chocolate marshmallow on the right
Fruit cakes

Chocolate Banana Split

Apple pie


Little bunnies. Get this for Easter, quick!