Baking is not a piece of cake

I've been reading about war law since 9am and finally at 8pm, I decided to take a break. Initially I planned to do some painting, but I was thinking, I should bake instead. Cupcakes lining is overflowing my kitchen and it's becoming a nuisance. For some reason, I always get attracted by beautiful cupcakes lining. At the end of the day, I can't bake as fast as I shop for cupcakes lining.

Anyway, I mixed all the ingredients and finally I realized....I RAN OUT OF MILK! I put on my jacket, take some cash and off I went to the supermarket to get some milk. The walk was approximately 5km. As I was about to pay for the milk, I found out I lost $10! I had no choice but to use my credit card. How embarrassing to pay $2.95 with credit card. The cashier told me that I couldn't use my card for purchase less than $5. So I bought two bottles of milk.

I came home, and continued on. I was kinda suspect I forgotten something. And then, I realized that I forgotten the eggs. Where did my mind gone? I open up my fridge. GUESS WHAT??? Some idiot cooked all my eggs and left the empty box in my fridge. But then again...that idiot could be me. Since I'm staying alone and not many would come to my kitchen to cook, anyway.

So off I went...5km again to the supermarket. Can you imagine....I walked 10km in less than an hour. I seriously need to get a car! It's either I get a car, or I get myself organized.

Here are my cupcakes, ready to be dispatched at my work place.

The chef loves the cupcake. My boss hates the pink color sprinkles. The kitchen hand doesn't like banana, it so happen I baked banana cupcakes.

Markus called me up just after I finish baking. He needed some help with the cooking for his house warming party. Since I have surplus of custard at home, I made for him some custard caramel pudding. They look so ugly in the plastic container. Oh well, he has to bring it over to his house.

I didn't taste the custard pudding because it was a rush. It was his fault that he called me up so late, and I didn't have time to make them properly. I wonder did anyone get diarrhoea after the party?

Hmmm...this is the disaster of baking due to 11 hours overdosed with words on war.