Creme Brulee Dessert

Referring back to the previous post. Is this dessert plate look any familiar to you? Same plate, same setting!

Last Wednesday himself and I went to Restaurant 373 at North Hobart for dinner. As predictable as I can be, I always look forward for the dessert. And so I ordered the Creme Brulee (again!).

I have to say, the Creme Brulee at Kermadec is so much better than this one. I'm not prasing it because the Kermadec pastry chef is reading my blog. But it is the truth. You can taste the difference immediately. The caramel crust on top was too chewy and thick so it stuck in between my teeth. The one in Kermadec was really crusty and thin.

The three black dots are the chocolate coated honeycomb. The honeycomb is very sweet by itself. It would be much better if they coat it with original bitter dark chocolate.

And lastly the two other dots are lemon tart. I never like tarts or biscuit for dessert. They are fine with tea, but not after a heavy meal. The lemon cream was too sour and the biscuit breaks each time I took a bite. So it was really messy.

Other than that, Restaurant 373 is really good for its food. You should check out their pork entree. They literally melt in your mouth. And I love the crispy skin pork. Yummy!

Their mains are really limited. They will be 4-5 choices but although it is limited, I can never decide what to eat. I just feel like ordering everything. All of their selection is worth trying. Worth every single cent. But mind you, they always change their menu. I do hope they have better dessert next time (or was it my luck that I choose the wrong one?).

Restaurant 373
373, Elizabeth Street
North Hobart
TAS Australia