To be honest, I don't know how to pronounce the restaurant's name. Is it Just-Kuewt-ly or Jus-Kue-tily? Whatever. It's in Manuka, by the way. Sorry I can't remember the address.
The one on top is the Warm Fig Pudding. It has honey marscapone,toffee hazelnuts and Moscato syrup. I'm not a fan of fig pudding, but the Moscato syrup is yum yum...
On the right, we have White Chocolate & Peach Nectar Brulee. I did not try it. So no comment.
Lastly, on the left, it's my Vahlrona Chocolate Marquise. It comes with saffron & orange poached pear and crème fraiche. I guess mine was the best choice because I don't like the fig pudding and I didn't try the brulee.