The most disastrous cake in Sydney!

I was stucked in Sydney last year while taking my connecting flight to Singapore. The lonely traveller then had to check in to Ibis Hotel and had a dinner there. I had a bad day, so I thought some dessert could cheer me up. Guess what??? The dessert itself was a disaster!!!

You can hardly find me criticizing any dessert, but this one just make me shake my head. I haven't written any bad review on any dessert before. I hope this is the first time and also the last time.

Well you can see it from the photo itself. I can't remember what this is called. But it's definitely a cheesecake. The strawberry sauce seems to be ready made, like those you can get in the supermarket. Sometimes you can see it on your fifty cents ice-cream topping.

The raspberry puree was recklessly scooped onto the cake like a pile of rubbish. I can imagine how the preparation is like behind the kitchen. The cook probably scooped it on like a prison food. *Plup...onto the cake.

If you guess the white lumpy thing is vanilla ice-cream? No, it's not. It's whipped cream. Who will ever serve whipped cream with cheesecake?

Now, here's the funny one... When the waitress was serving me, she put the spoon on top of the cake. WTF???? I almost died laughing inside myself. If anyone managed to have a glimpse of my expression, they might think I'm a mad woman...sitting alone at the dining table while controlling so hard not to laugh.

It's either great presentation or no presentation at all. I rather they leave the cake alone. I'll probably enjoy it more.

This cake is a joke!!!!!


P/S: The cake taste just alright. Nothing fantastic. You can even get that taste from normal bakery. Anyway, this is not from a cafe. It's from a hotel restaurant!