Some rambling

I'm becoming insane because there is a lack of sugar in my body. Last week, while Alwin was buying lunch, I told him I wanted to take away the Mango Sago Dessert from the Taiwanese shop. They told me it wasn't ready yet and it takes four hours more to wait. I didn't have four hours because my girlfriend bought tickets to watch The Confession of Shopaholic. So I had my lunch without the Mango Sago Dessert.

On weekend, I went there for the same thing. Unfortunately the shop was closed :(

And today...after a long day of hectic work, I thought of having some warm Mango Sago, the boss told me they couldn't find any mango during this season. I feel like cursing!

Am I just bad luck, or what?

I'm going to forget the Mango Sago. I don't think I will get it anyway.

A friend asked me why I don't bake that often now. That's because I've moved house. And my new kitchen sucks!

The space is too small and I feel claustrophobic. But that's not really the main issue. The oven sucks too! And that's the thing that annoys me til now.

I burnt my fairy cupcakes on the first time because I haven't got used to the oven. It's been three months since I moved in, but I still haven't get a hang of it, especially to adjust the temperature.

The only successful bake was the Victorian Sandwich I made for Dixon and Alwin. Tonight I'm going to bake some banana cupcakes. Markus bought some banana for me last night and I don't know what else to do with it.

By the way, Eastlands Cheesecakehouse bakery is really good. I only tried the Baked Cheesecake. It was fabulous.