Sweet Little Things @ Jogoya

The last time I went back to Malaysia, I brought himself to KL for some real food hunting. I insisted to go to Jogoya. The restaurant is the most extravagant buffet, with fresh seafood, tempura, sashimi, cook-on-demand fare brought straight up to your table.
You will be amazed with the variety of choices they provide. For dessert, I had both the Western and Eastern selection. Something must have been going on in my head that I forgotten to take a photo of the Eastern dessert. But I had too much of the Western dessert, particularly the cakes. Some are nice, but there are some that's really bad. I can point out which are the bad ones.
On the top photo, the one with the glazed grape and peach....that one is Bad. On the second photo, the one which looks like Swiss roll is bad. I can't really recall others. Too much of sweet things can be really bad too. My taste bud got knocked off that night. As a result, this is a review, but not really a review.
Jogoya is located in Starhill.