A Bad Ending

A bad dessert at the end of a meal is like a bad ending of a movie. The disappointment will linger on so long that it will dampen your mood.
Recently, my anniversary dinner was given a very bad ending. Whether the main course earlier was good or not, it doesn't matter anymore. They've screwed up my favourite part of the meal and my mood for the night :( If you are a dessert lover, you'd probably understand my feelings.
We went to Eighteen Restaurant & Wine on Friday night. First of all, they don't have an impressive dessert menu, and the waitress had 'duly informed' me that "no cakes are available" for that night.
I failed to understand the omen signalling a "dessert disaster" and happily ordered an Orange Crepe.
It turned out to be... scarily disastrous!
(Let's skip the part that they served me a 'wrong' dessert at first, which is also a crepe but nothing orang-y)
My Orange Crepe turned out to be a very "confusing-tasting" pancake-like thingy! What is the chef thinking when he serves me orange crepe with strawberry ice-cream? The two tasted so weird together!
And to make things even worse, they topped my crepe with a mixture of cheapo medicine-tasting orange and strawberry syrups. Gah! It was terrible!
If you are not sure what flavor goes best with your orange crepe, why not try something conventional... like vanilla? Even my bf, who usually don't complain bout food, said: this is so wrong!
For the price I am paying (if not mistaken RM7.50 or so), I definitely do not expect something extravagantly good. But at least serve me something decent enough to be swallowed! It's not my fault for choosing a cheap dessert because that is all you are serving there!

Eighteen Restaurant and Wine
Blk 303-01-21, Krystal Point,
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
11900 Penang.

You can try the food there, in fact the food wasn't bad and the price is reasonable but please remember to skip dessert if Orange Crepe is the only thing they offer for the night. Else, you risk going home with very confusing tastebuds... :( Yes, I am still sulking!