Cupcakes in Gourmet Traveller

Gourmet Traveller is arguably the best food magazine I've ever subscribed. I'm not sure if you have this magazine sold in your country, though. For over a year I've been reading this magazine and finally in this month issue... CUPCAKES ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!

That's brown sugar butterfly cupcakes with raspberry cream. It sounds really delicious.

This is rosy cupcakes with Turkist delight. Really innovative.

The sugared citrus cakes. But where are the cups? I thought cupcakes are supposed to come in the cups?

Here are the spiced honey cakes.

And finally the plum cakes.

I swear there are more cupcakes and recipes in Gourmet Traveller this month. Cupcakers grab this month issue and frame it up. They are so pretty you'll feel like licking the pages of the magazine. Mark my words, this is the best food magazine ever!