Custom Made Cupcakes

Won't you just go "ooh" and "aww" when you come across cupcakes as cute as these...?

Totally adorable... right? These are custom-made cupcakes, with sugar figurines mould into things that you request. Totally cool, can!
The maker, weenee is a nice girl who is very very patient with her customer. She can make practically everything you request. Don't believe me, check out her blog here. You will go gaga at her creations, trust me.
She is charging at a very reasonable price and the cakes come with really good packing. I noticed her work getting more and more beautiful, I guess practice makes perfect :)
A perfect personalized present! The only sad thing is... her business is getting better by the day and now she is so busy that her schedule is often fully booked! Bah!
Oh, I was her customer... last year :) Ordered them for my bf's birthday. *Tadah*
His favourite Elmo and Cookie Monster... and his favourite car Civic Type R! I find them rather cute.
Noticed I didn't mention much about the taste? *Giggle* Hehehe... I actually can't remember how they tasted. But it doesn't matter right? Who cares about eating them? They are so nice :)