Democracy and Desserts

My friends were having pot luck last night and as usual, I will have to be the dessert lady. Facing variety of choices, I didn't know what to make for the dinner. So I thought I should exercise democracy in this situation, I text them and gave them a choice of chocolate mousse or vanilla berry parfait. Usually they stand in unity but not for this time. Unfortunately I had to make both chocolate mousse and the vanilla parfait. Here are the food shots.

This is the chocolate mousse which never failed to impress.

The vanilla berry parfait which cost me a fortune to make. The blueberry cost AUD 7.99/box. Raspberry AUD 8.15/box. Strawberry AUD 5.99/box and blackberry AUD 7.15/box. The berries itself cost about AUD 30 bucks!!!!!!! The most expensive dessert I've ever made!

I bought three boxes of strawberries, just in case. And the rest of the strawberries I made it into....