The easiest TIRAMISU recipe

Tralalalala....It's Sunday. Super good weather. But I had nothing to do. Not exactly nothing to do. I just don't want to do what I'm supposed to do. Whatever...

It's been months since Dixon asked me to make tiramisu. As usual, I'll take my own sweet time before I make it for him. Here it is...

Yup, my usual plastic cup again


500g mascarpone cheese
3 tbs caster sugar
3 tbs thickened cream
a cup of brewed coffee with Tia Maria
some Scotch finger biscuit
a bar of chocolate
chocolate powder

The measurement are just an estimation. I've so used to making it I never bother to measure anymore.

First, beat the mascarpone cheese with caster sugar and the thickened cream. At low speed, beat until...erm...until you think it's supposed to look like the tiramisu cream. I'm bad at writing recipe. But you know...

Set aside the mixture. Crush the biscuits into big pieces. Although some people just dip it into the coffee, but I prefer to crush it and then add a little bit of the coffee, just enough to wet the biscuit but not too much until it's melted.

Layer the biscuit into a cup. And then layer the cheese mixture. Just spread how many layer as you like.

At the end, dust the top with chocolate powder. And add some chocolate flakes as garnish. You can just shread the chocolate flakes from any chocolate bar. As for me, I shreaded it from the easter egg. Too much of easter chocolate this year.

Sorry for the terrible recipe. I'm overdosed with sugar now... Getting too high. I hope you get it. But I guess most recipes are written in tedious language, so I just going to make up my own now.