Greek Dessert

It is much easier to write a review on dessert compared to entree and main course. Being the last to be served, the taste often stays longer than other dishes. Last week we had Greek cuisine at Mezethes, Salamanca.

Instead of typical chocolate brownies or ice cream sundae, I had Kantaifi. The dessert sounds damn funky. Is it Greek? It sounds like African words to me.

Anyway, the name doesn't describe much about the taste, isn't it? It's actually rolled baked filo pastry. The one I ordered had almonds and walnut inside. And it served with drizzled honey based syrup.

Greek dessert is a bit too sweet to my liking. They are all perfectly fine, but I guess the honey syrup is too sweet. If they are like to adventure the taste out of the traditional recipe, caramel syrup would be much better.

I'll rate this 6/10.

Mezethes Greek Taverna
Salamanca Arts Centre
Hobart 7009