Koko Black, Melbourne

My endless bad luck continued when I went to Xocolatl at Queen Victoria Market. They were closed for Easter too.

See, another door shut closed in front of my face. The first disappointment was the Little Cupcakes.

Being the demanding me, I didn't care, by hook or by cook I want my chocolate. In the end, we had to go to Koko Black at Lygon.

Is it me, or what? Chocolate cafe is growing like mushrooms in Melbourne these days - Max Brenner's, Xocolatl, Schokolade, Koko Black, and many more that I don't know.

Chris was feeling cold, so he had the Koko Black Belgian Hot Chocolate ($5.75). It was freshly brewed to a traditional Belgian recipe blend with full cream milk, cream and 60% dark Belgian chocolate. Chilli, chocolate mocha and cinnamon blends are also available in the cafe.

Meanwhile, I took the Ice Cream Martini ($8.95). You have a choice of wild strawverry, chocolate or vanilla ice cream. I choose the chocolate (duh!) because they were freshly made at the Koko Black Creative Centre.

This is how the Koko Black Creative Centre looks like.

Koko Black imported their raw chocolate from Singapore and Malaysia. Surprisingly, most chocolate producers prefer Singapore and Malaysia chocolate. Even Cadbury Chocolate Factory got their supplies from there. I guess I shall talk about the Cadbury Chocolate Factory trip next.

P/S: Koko Black is having its Choco-Late Chocolate Festival from 1-4 May. Check out their chocolate tasting, art, sculptures, demonstrations and more on the festival.

Koko Black
167, Lygon Street
VIC Australia