You can never find any sites sweeter than these

We don't do link on this site to avoid other people from asking us to link their unrelated sites. To keep this site purely dedicated to sweet stuff, we've came to a conclusion never to add links on our side bar. But there are many sites that we visit often. More often than we visit this site itself. These are the sites that we love:

  1. The Cupcake Bakery - The Cupcake Bakery is run by Christine Lee, who has been baking for over 10 years. You can check out her creations and order via online through her site.
  2. Grandma's Dessert Recipes - Everything that has the word 'grandma' on it sounds traditional. This site provides you different traditional recipes to desserts. It is easily navigated through the sidebar. We just love the wide range of recipes on the site.
  3. Cupcake Culture - You won't bother about the words on this blog. All you can see is beautiful photos everywhere. You can almost lick the screen.
  4. Sweet Cuisine - This is a personal blog of a pastry chef. Sometimes we just love to know what's happening behind the kitchen before our dessert is served.
  5. The Cupcakery - Everything nice under the sun can be found in this blog; from cupcakes to well-being tips.
  6. Cakespy - This blog talks about everything on cakes. Cupcakes, spongecakes, cheesecakes, and whatever cakes you can find in this world. A plus point for this blog is the beautiful illustration updated every Friday.
  7. Dessert First - The blogger calls herself the Pastrygirl. We love that name. You can get comprehensive recipes from the Pastrygirl and also various information about being a pastry chef.
  8. Cupcake Recipes - Cupcake lovers, you must bookmark this. It's virtually important to get a good recipe on cupcakes.
  9. Foodbuzz - This is a food portal where you can find everything you wanted to know about food, from restaurants to recipes to products. Join foodbuzz and get connected to other foodies.
  10. *Any idea what shall I put here?

We've only got 9 of our favorite links. For the sake of completing the 10th slot, will you suggest a good food blog, particularly on dessert? It might be your blog. Who knows if it's worth our read.