Chocolate the new Starbucks, Melbourne

Like I've said a few weeks ago, there is a mushroom growth of chocolate cafe everywhere in Melbourne. Chocolate (with a mirrored C in the middle) is one of them. Few decades ago, we have coffee mania, where Coffee Bean, Starbucks, San Francisco Coffee, Gloria Jeans, Hudsons, Coffee Republic, etc. was the hottest hang out spot. Right now, Starbucks is totally outdated. No wonder they had to shut down hundreds of branch throughout the world. Right now, chocolate cafe is taking over the world.

Chocolate is situated at the corner of DFO Southern Cross, the exact spot where Starbucks used to be. I'm sure Chocolate have other branches in Melbourne, but it was just convenient for me to sit there and write up my thesis before my friend could pick me up from the station.

I ordered the Belgian hot chocolate. This is so far the best hot chocolate I had. You can get good hot chocolate everywhere, but the difference is the chocolate it is made of. Max Brenner's ain't so good. Chocolate makes it so thick, but yet not too sweet. I love it how they coat some chocolate on the wall of the mug. The one I choose is made out of pure dark chocolate, you can hardly taste the sugar. It's sweet but yet a little bitter at the end. It's really smooth.

The downfall of Chocolate is its outdoor seating. They didn't bother to close the door. It's really bad when cigarette smell was fuming into the indoor seating. I'm a smoker myself. But at times when I'm enjoying some hot chocolate, I just don't want to be interrupted by other stuff like cigarette smoke.