Cinnamon Poop....Err, Roll.

I'm one of those people who don't drink coffee. But I still go to Starbucks, only for desserts, not for drinks. I crave for Mango fruit juice every now and then, yes, but it's the pastries that I keep coming back to. I was also once addicted to Valencia Iced tea, but it's already faced out in the Philippines, which is sad!

Anyway, one of my favorites from Starbucks is the cinnamon roll. Not only is it tasty, but super affordable as well. Sometimes, when I feel like it's okay to indulge in sweets, I can finish two, even three, rolls in just one sitting. That's how much I love it.

So I order for it most of the time, but how come I only noticed now? It looks like a giant poop! Damn it! Now I need to close my eyes and forget about this idea the next time I devour this
heavenly roll. Don't get turned off, okay? Believe me, it's so worth the try!