Cool Me Down!

Nothing beats an icy cold dessert if you are staying in a country that has four Summers and no winter!
To spend a steamy hot afternoon, nothing beats the idea of relaxing in a quiet cafe surrounded by lush greeneries, scooping into some really fine sorbet.
Went for an afternoon tea in Summer Garden, Penang some time ago and I discovered this *tadah*
My new found (dessert) lover... the Island Way Sorbet- frozen sorbet serves in real fruit shell/skin. They have several fruit flavors to choose from and I chose lemon.
Lurve the tinge of sour and perfect amount of sweetness that melts in my mouth with the snowy ice. And the way the restaurant served it with a few pieces of fruits is great :) It makes the dessert looks more appetizing!
Summer Garden Bistro
No. 2 Lorong Lembah Permai
311200 Tanjung BungahPenang
Tel: 04 8900977
Business Hour : 11am - 10.30pm daily