Dessert Platter @ dine by Peter Gordon

If you're reading my Mad Style, you already know of my quest to search for the best fish in Auckland. As a side, I was searching for the best dessert too.

On my first meal, I had the dessert platter (NZD 27) because I couldn't decide to have the coconut dessert or the chocolate on. What a brilliant idea they have to include the dessert platter in the menu. So, I got three different selection on one plate! Three flavours in one - sweet, sour and bitter. The combination was so good.

The coconut tapioca and passion fruit coulis with mango. Soaked in the coconut tapioca is the avocado and yuzu sorbet. There's a light avocado flavor and really soothing. It wasn't too strong, so it matches well with the creamy taste of the coconut. At the side, you have the macademia tuile. It's something like ginger thins, but this is super fantastic. I was craving for more!

The bitter taste I mentioned came from the dark chocolate. The Valrhona Manjari chocolate delice on wanut sponge. The dark chocolate was so rich, and when you put it together with the walnut sponge, it's a marriage made in heaven. There's a carrot passionfruit sorbet, carrot jelly and cocoa nib praline. If I knew it's a carrot jelly, I wouldn't touch it at all. Because I wasn't aware of it, I took it till the last bite. It didn't taste a single bit of the yucky carrot taste, which is quite amazing.

Lastly on the plate, it's the lemongrass panna cotta and blood orange jelly with melon and pineapple salsa. I'm a big fan of panna cotta. And this is the first time I'm tasting the lemongrass version. You can almost expect how good is the fragrance when it's lemongrass. The round ballie thing is another sorbet. A vanilla yoghurt sorbet garnished with baked almond Financier. God knows what a Financier is? There's some tasty honeycombs too

Super delicious dessert. I enjoyed every single spoonful. Didn't have enough, though. I was wishing I took another of the platter. I rate this 10/10. That's how good it is.

dine by Peter Gordon
Skycity Auckland
Grand Hotel
Auckland, New Zealand.