Little Cupcakes, how can you resist?

I've got a box of surprise for you!!!!
Yes, it's cupcake! Cupcakes!!!! Yay!!!! Remember that time I blogged about my disappointed visit to Little Cupcakes with Yvonne? On my last visit to Melbourne, they were closed for Easter. This time, I was a little lucky. But not really that lucky.
I've bought 20 cupcakes, which cost $40. And I tried four cupcakes. Only 4. The one I had was cookies & cream, vanilla cupcake with cheese topping (it wouldn't be called icing right?), double chocolate and coffee with chocolate icing.

I brought the rest back to Hobart. As usual, the flight was delayed and I was way too tired to eat them when I came back home. I put the box of cupcakes on my kitchen table and the next morning, ants were on the cupcakes. I guess they love it too. I had no choice but to throw away all the cupcakes :(
It's really sad indeed. I didn't know the ants took over my house while I was away. Anyway, remember this, throw your rubbish before you go for holiday. Or else, you won't get to eat your cupcakes.
Little Cupcakes
Shop 7, Degraves St.
VIC Australia