Day 4 - Raspberry tart @ Lipscombe Lader

You might be wondering, what's with this daily post of little food. Well, I make it a point to leave some food in Alwin's postbox each day. So he'll get different food courtesy of me being guilty. I'm not sure if he's still mad at me. At the same time, I'm scared to talk to him. So I send food. Isn't it nice to see food in your letterbox, instead of boring bills?

I didn't have time today, because supposedly I was going to travel to Adelaide. I thought I might just buy some stuff for him. Last night I went to Lipscombe Lader, which is 15 minutes walking distance from my house. After 15 minutes of tiring walk, I'll reach Lipscombe Lader where there is a world of fine foods waiting for me. Lipscombe sells local and imported good foods. There's where I got my Italian cheese to make the tiramisu.

These tarts are from Lipscombe. They sell factory manufactured food, but at the same time they do sell fresh foods and some freshly baked pastries. I'm not sure how to describe the shop, but basically they just sell everything edible.

I also bought some Tasmanian made chocolate fudge. Apparent Tasmania has the best chocolate fudge in the world. I didn't know about that. My Adelaide friends told me to get some for them. I bought some extra to bring back to Malaysia too. YT, I'll keep a box for you.