Day 3 - Salmon on breadstick with onion chive cheese

I know, I know... you guys must be thinking, "this is not a dessert". But my one-dessert-a-day plan is not going that well. I was thinking, if I stuff him with dessert everyday, he might get bored. So today I make some simple finger food - fresh salmon on breadstick with onion chive cheese.

First, you spread olive oil on the breadstick and bake in the oven. Slowly cut the salmon. I adopted some skill here from my Japanese chef ex-boyfriend. But I don't think mine looks that good.

Then just twirl the salmon on the breadstick. Easy!

Eat with any type of cheese you like. I think it taste better with pepper cheese, but not too sure... haven't tried.

After I made it, I found out that I don't have a long container to pack the breadstick. So I had to use cling wrap. It looks so ugly now...