Chocolate Boutique in Auckland

After a really tedious tour at the Auckland Museum, I headed to Parnell for chocolate break.

I read many many reviews about the chocolate boutique in Parnell. So, I was going to check out what's the big hoo-haa about the place. The shop looks so much like old school French village kind of shop. Really beautiful.

However, the interior is a bit too common. I've been to many many chocolate boutique before, but I must say, this shop doesn't offer that much. I ordered the chocolate platter.

What we have here is chocolate brownies. It's warm. I love warm brownies. Super yummy.

And chocolate ice cream. I have to eat this first because it melted so fast. There's some crunchy peanut with honeycomb texture in the ice cream. It's really wonderful.

And some chocolate praline. I couldn't eat anymore, so I took these home. But I totally forgotten about it in my bag. The Australian custom made me throw them away. Grrrr......

And some chocolate mousse. It's still nice, but I prefer my own chocolate mousse.

I really regret ordering this Chocolate praline drink. I was chocolate overdosed at the end of the day. I advise you to share the chocolate platter with someone else. They are enough to feed three person.

The owner was quite scary. I had the menu open on the table, at the same time, I was writing a Mother's Day card on my lap. My Mother's Day card, nice right????

The owner walked to my table and snatched away the menu and screamed at me, "The menu is copyright! You can't copy it!!!" I got seriously shocked! First, I did not copy her menu. I was writing on my Mother's Day card. Second, she shouldn't scream even if I'm copying it. Lastly, under copyright law, it is permissible to copy up to 10%. Hey woman...I used to study Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Law is my major. I presented four cases on copyright before. Don't scream at me like I'm a pariah ok?