Dessert @ Chilli Padi, Melbourne

My first post (breaking the egg...). Ok back to the topic. I've been telling myself to try the desserts at Chilli Padi because it is so tempting.. Girls are always attracted to pretty things, undeniable, right? Today, I've finally decided to try the greentea tiramisu. My favourite, green tea! Everything green tea is yummy :).

Look, there are more, and I'll try it someday... :D

The combination of greentea and tiramisu is brilliant, whoever who thought of this.
(I personally do not like tiramisu, but this one is above average!)

I wouldn't reckon this to people who hates sugar. I love sweet stuff, but not too sweet. This one is a bit too sweet for me.. Overall, 8/10!

Chilli Padi Melbourne Central
Shop OE7, Menzies Alley

Melbourne VIC 3000