Desserts @ The Grove, Auckland

While I was in Auckland, unexpectedly I met a friend there and we went to The Grove for dinner. The restaurant is just located next to his church. small Auckland is.

Although The Grove serves very good food, but I'm just going to talk about the desserts here. I'm still working on my post "In Search for the Best Fish in Auckland", so stay tuned to my personal blog for that.

We were served feijoa sorbet for pre-dessert. It's on the house. I love fine dining for these little complimentaries. The feijoa sorbet tasted exactly like the fruit with no added sugar. But the caramel powder gives extra flavor to it. If you're wondering what fruit is that, I'll blog about it later in my personal blog. It fascinates me that New Zealand has a lot of weird fruits.

I ordered the caramel panna cotta dessert. I was a little surprised when I tasted white pepper in it. It's quite creative. Who will ever thought of using white pepper in sweet dessert? Sometimes when the chef is too adventurous, the result tasted quite bad. But this creation is really wonderful. I don't mind having it everyday! Also served with the caramel panna cotta is the white chocolate gelato. It's super fantastic. By the way, I can't tell whta is the green dressing. It tasted sweet and refreshing. Not sure if there's any kiwi in it.

My friend ordered the vanilla parfait. It's served with strawberry cream and rosemary. I'm not sure how it tasted like, but I'm sure it's really nice. He was complementing the dessert all the way. After he has finish the whole thing, he tried eating the dark brownish thing on the jelly. Haha... It's actually rose petal. He thought it was something edible.

I'm going to Auckland again, soon. Not sure when I will have the time. The next time, we'll going to have the tasting menu. The food is super fantastic. I would fly to Auckland just for a few hours to dine there again. Well, provided that I have the luxury of cash and time.

I rate the desserts 10/10.

The Grove
Saint Patrick Square
Wyndham Street
Auckland (City)