It's gift time!!!!!!!!!!!!

We forgot to tell you, in Cupcakes Party, we don't just party ourselves and forget about our readers totally. For the first round of readers appreciation program, we're giving away a cupcake handphone charm as a token of appreciation.

Aren't they adorable? So pretty and colourful. Somehow it looks like candy. Of course it's not edible. It's made out of polymer clay. To be's handmade out of polymer clay.

Stephanie was the person who baked all these mini cupcakes. And she's the one who sponsored this very first readers appreciation program. Love you, Steph!!!!

Steph has a blogshop where she sells all her handmade jewelries. Personally, I'm quite addicted to her charm bracelets now. I confess I visit her blogshop everyday just to find out if she made any new stuff. You can also visit her blogshop to check out what other jewelries she has. To be honest, the photos on her blogshop didn't do much justice. The real thing is much more attractive. When I was browsing on the internet, I didn't thought of buying any of her stuff. But when I saw it with my very own eyes, I couldn't resist buying two charm bracelets.

How to get that exquisite handphone cupcake charm?

YT asked me to come out with a competition. Being the usual lazy pig, I just can't stretch my mind to think of anything creative. So, the first person who leaves a comment with his/her email will be the winner. Easy! What are you waiting for? Comment now!