The kindness of other blogger

Do you remember awhile ago YT posted up this photo in this blog?

Actually she ordered a custom made charm bracelet for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's my charm bracelet. And it is the sweetest of all my charms collection because (1) it's a present from YT, (2) all the sweetest things are there, and (3) it's just so me!

Now I have to introduce each of my charms to you. First, it's the Paddle Pop Rainbow flavoured lollipop.

Chocolate biscuit with vanilla cream. Yummy... can you believe, it actually tasted like Oreo?

Here we have strawberry ice-cream with chocolate topping.

And YT's favorite chocolate chips cookie. And it's from Chipsmore!

White cotton soft marsmallow. Oh, I wish there's hot chocolate too.

Lastly, we have CUPCAKES!!!! Woohoo....My favorite charms of all. It's chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting and chocolate chips top with cherry.

Kawaii ne??????