What do you know about chocolate?

Do you know? The more popular posts in this blog are all related to chocolate. I guess everyone loves chocolate, aye? All of us find chocolate is very smooth, rich, sweet and tasty. It's a very comfortable food. But do you know how they are made?

To be honest, I don't know either. But I know the last stage of making chocolate is tempering. And sometimes we need to do the tempering at home, especially when you purchase cooking chocolate or block chocolate to make dessert.

A few weeks ago I wanted to temper the chocolate to make some chocolate cookies. I had a hard time with the hard block chocolate. So I tried wikipedia (the online for dummies) on how to temper chocolate. At the end of the day, the chocolate was in bad temper and I was in bad temper too.

Since I have all the time in the world right now, I tried Youtube it instead. Now I found a much easier way to temper chocolate.

Oh, French guy....

If you're doing a business and you have no time to put it in and out of the microwave, there's a new tool in town.

Amazing, huh????