Cupcake Chic @ KL

It's been awhile, huh?

I went to Cupcake Chic at The Curve with Yvonne last month. Well The Curve is technically in Petaling Jaya instead of Kuala Lumpur. But non-Malaysian will find it confusing - where's PJ and where's KL. It's like Chiba is not technically in Tokyo.

Well I heard a lot about Cupcake Chic, but I didn't have the chance to visit them. Anyway, while was in Melbourne, Yvonne & I were so disappointed that Little Cupcakes at Degrave Street was closed. But since both of us coincidentally went back to Malaysia for holiday, I figure it out, why not we meet up at Cupcake Chic?

All the cupcakes are baked daily. You have different menu each day. But the classics are available daily. Their menu consists of different selections - the classics, favourites, lite indulgences and black-tie. I can't possibly list all the flavours they have. That will take me the entire night. But you can definitely check it out here >>> Cupcake Chic menu.

These are the cupcakes we ordered. I had two. And Yvonne was having the second one. I arrived late, so poor Yvonne was already had her first cupcake before that.

That's Persian Love (pink), Butter Pecan (with nut), and PB Chip (with chocolate chips). Persian Love is pistacho cake with rose water frosting. The butter pecan cake has caramel frosting. And lastly, the PB Chip is peanut butter chocolate chip cake with vanilla frosting.

Look, it has real peanut butter inside. Like eating peanut butter toast.

I've always love pink frosting.

Yvonne taking photos of me taking photos. WTF?

We're exhibiting our desserts charms handmade by Stephanie. You should really check out her blog for cool handmade jewelries.

By the way, some of you been following this blog for quite some time. And we've only uploaded photos of desserts. But do you know how we look like in person?

That's Yvonne in purple and me looking hell fat after I went back for a month. Can't resist Malaysian food :)