Cupcakes from Bakeaboo

There are so many things going on at this moment, and I've completely forgotten about this blog until YT said we ought to update. Since I've been procrastinating in posting up those fabulous photos of cupcakes on the flickr group, I thought I might do so right now.

Here's some photos of Bakeaboo's cupcakes. You should check out her photostream for more wonderful photos of cupcakes and other sweet treats. I particularly love her tea party setting. It looks exactly the one in Alice in Wonderland. Go check it out.

Meanwhile, I want to show you some of her cupcakes:

Oh, yes! Definitely!!!

Look at all those different sprinkles!!!
Oh, yum... I don't know which one to choose.
The snake is so creative!
Perfect cake for Dad's birthday or maybe father's day.
The bunnies are adorable!!!!!!!!!!
So cute!!! I mean the Pikachu cupcake.
Someone's having a 40th blast day!
I've always fancy milky color cupcakes.