Cutie Cups @ Tasmania

Last month it's the biggest history of cupcakes in Tasmania. The one and only cupcake store in Tasmania opened in Elizabeth Mall. I tried the cupcakes for a couple of times now. But I always forget to bring my camera along because it's so near my house.

They have a few selection of flavours on the shelf. Besides edible pretty cupcakes, the shop stores some cupcakes merchandise for sale too. I'm eyeing on the cupcake wall clock.

Some of the cupcakes that I bought the other day. It's AUD 16 for 6 mini cupcakes.

I personally love the Choc Choc Choc. My girlfriend and I love the creamy chocolate frosting. It's really rich and you can smell the sweet chocolate aroma from the cupcake. My next favorite is the Gingerbread man Cupcake. Simply irresistable.

Anyway, if you need more information about this store, check out their website at