The One and Only Cupcake Shop in Tasmania

Yesterday I met up with Shanna from Cutie Cups, the one and only cupcakes shop in Tasmania at the moment.

We had a little chat and I asked her about the history of the shop, how she got the brilliant idea to start up a cupcake shop. She was working in the hotel industry for sometime and she wanted to do something fun and something new (especially in Hobart). Cupcake shop is the thing that comes into her mind since in the mainland cupcake shops are the current trend. Because the business is going so well and everybody loves their cupcakes, Cutie Cups will be opening their new branch in the north and also Launceston soon.

When Shanna told everyone that she's going to open a cupcake store, their reaction was "..Cute.....". That's how the name Cutie Cups came about. Until today, when people walk into the store, their reaction is still the same. Everyone comes in and says, "Oh, so cute........". Shanna also told me something really funny. Because the store is located right next to Bra 'N' Things, a lot of people thought Cutie Cups is a bra shop before it was open for business. They associate the word "cups" with the bra cups. Surprisingly, it's the cake cup, not the bra cup.

I also notice that there is a new cupboard been set up in front of the store. In this cupboard, there are many sweet cupcake merchadise for sale. Most of the merchandise are imported. It's so easy to look for cupcake gifts over here because you'll find everything under one roof - from mug to baby napkins, from trinket box to pillow. I can't possibly name everything they have, so check it out yourself. Who knows, you might find something nice that suits you.

If you think that those gifts are too common, why not send some cupcake-in-a-cup. This is also a new concept at Cutie Cups. You can choose your favorite cupcake flavour and match it with any teacup you like. I super love the English rose design teacup.

What I really love about this store is their shop culture. The staff here loves to experiment on different flavours and they always come out with fresh new ideas. Currently there are about 13 flavours in the menu, but they will only bake about 10 flavours on daily basis. Each day they have flavour of the day. I remember few weeks ago they have the Gingerbread Man flavour. It was scrumpdidlyumptious. I've tasted so many cupcakes before, and the Gingerbread Man is my top favorite because it's something new and unique.

I asked Shanna what's her favorite cupcake among all that she bakes. She love the Lemon Meringue. I was quite sceptical about everything with lemon. But the Lemon Meringue at Cutie Cups is more of a lolly sweet taste rather than the sour lemon taste.

If you're visiting Cutie Cups soon, I have some advise for you. Do try their flavour of the day because it's like limited edition. You might not find it on other days. And take the mini cupcakes instead of the classic size ones. You'll get overdosed by sugar really fast from the classic ones, but with the minis, you can try as many flavours as you like. Their best seller is the Red Velvet. You may want to try that too.

By the way, I'm going back there tomorrow to get some Choc cupcakes. I suddenly have a craving for it while I'm writing this.

I rate this shop 10/10

Cutie Cups
Hobart Mall
44 Elizabeth Street
Hobart 7000
Tel: 03 6231 1330