Extra! Extra! People in London Alert!!!

There's a wonderful wonder shop just around the corner. It's magical, just like how you see in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Except this shop doesn't sell toys. But it sells every pretty lovely sweet edible stuff you can ever think of.

The shop is called bake-a-boo. Really cute name. At first thought, it might sound like infant clothing line brand. But it's not.

It's painted in light pink that gives you a welcoming feel. You can peep through some freshly baked cakes, cookies, and cupcakes outside the window.

The interior is really warm and cosy. It makes you just want to relax and have a cup of tea. Not only that, they have friendly and helpful staff. It almost makes you feel at home.

The thing I like about bake-a-boo is their creativity in organizing tea party. You have plenty of selections to choose from the menu - whether you prefer to have cakes, scones, cupcakes, etc. etc. etc.

The staff will help you set up your tea party according to your favorite theme. And they always do better than what you can imagine it would be.

OMG! Look at those cupcakes! Aren't you jealous you're not part of the party? Seriously, I am.

If there is a party planner award, it would definitely goes to bake-a-boo. Well, honestly do you think I'm exaggerating? I don't think so. From the photos you know it's a perfect tea party.

Of all the parties that ever happen at bake-a-boo, my favorite is the Alice in Wonderland theme party. When I was young, I always imagine how is it like to have a tea party with the rabbit. This is like childhood revisiting me.

You have all the elements of Alice in Wonderland there - clock, teapot, Queen, and cards.

Look at the effort they put in to make that party happen. They are very careful in every minute details. All these are evidence that at bake-a-boo, customer's satisfaction is really important for them.

If you are not planning to have a party at bake-a-boo, simply visit them to have a cup of coffee or maybe grab some cakes.

Look at the platter. How could you resist? I'm already thinking of having a fairy tea party at bake-a-boo. It's too bad London is across the globe from my home :(

I rate this shop 12/10

86 Mill Lane, London NW6 1NL
Tel: 020 7435 1666
E-mail: info@bake-a-boo.com

Summer Holliday Opening Hours
**For August only**
Monday - Thursday closed
Friday - 12pm-6pm
Saturday – 10am-6pm
Sunday – 2pm-6pm

bake-a-boo online at
website: http://www.bake-a-boo.com/
blog: http://www.bake-a-boo.blogspot.com/
flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bake-a-boo/