Confectionaries at The Harrods

Sorry for the lack of update. There's a sad news at home. My dad is being diagnose with diabetes, that's why he's been forbidding me from taking any sweet stuff. I also developed a small cavity behind my tooth. Going to get that fixed end of this week. So much to pay for just for the love of sweet things.

Anyway, one of our admin, YT, is having her holiday in London. She's been so busy with her vacation that she can't blog here. And I'm blogging on her behalf.

However, gluttony Ting did not miss her chance to check out the confectionaries and desserts selling in the food section. Harrods is a real heaven!

The price is pretty scary but that doesn't stop me from getting myself a little treat! Well, I am on vacation anyway... Yumz~ It was nice! London's desserts are sinfully nice!

Talking bout desserts, I must really blog about the best-est afternoon tea I had yesterday after a long walk up the dome of St Paul's Cathedral. It's oh... so... good! I shall blog bout that next. Back to my Harrods. Yumz~