Desserts @ Piccolo, Tasmania

First of all, sorry for the bad quality photos. I didn't pack my camera with me because I was late and Alwin already waiting for me in the restaurant. Well, another excuse is I was shopping with Shikin before that, so I didn't thought I need to bring my camera.

I freaking love Piccolo after the first visit. According to Alwin it's a relatively new restaurant. No wonder I've never heard of it before. I had slow cooked lamb shoulder, it was madtastic! However, Alwin's gnocchi with duck was a bit disappointing to him. Not that it wasn't nice, but the serving is too small compared to his XL size. Ahahahaha....

Before we ordered the dessert, he told me we're going to share because we're trying to cut down our sugar intake. However, when I asked him whether we should have the chocolate mousse cake or the strawberry semifreddo, he insisted that we take both. Guys, so contradictory and indecisive.

Here's the chocolate mousse cake.

This is the most fantastic chocolate mousse cake I've ever tried in my life! Mainly because it was sprinkled with dark chocolate powder. So it's a bit bitter on the top. Then there is layer of chocolate mousse and cake. And it's so soft like cotton! If you ever go there, don't miss this one. Unless you're not a fan of dark chocolate. Because I taste dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate in the cake.

This is the strawberry semifreddo.

To be honest, I don't really fancy this one, although Alwin said it's much nicer. Don't trust him. He probably want me to have the chocolate mousse cake because I like it a lot. The reason why I don't like this is because it has traces of dried fruits in it. I don't like dried fruits in any shapes or forms. However, the semi-frozen custard was quite good. And the strawberries were really fresh.

This is just some fun facts: I heard that semifreddo was orginally from Italy. However, some food historian made a research and now the Spanish claims that semifreddo belongs to them. It is called semifrio in Spanish. Not sure if it's true because I only heard it from word of mouth.

Piccolo Restaurant & Wine Bar
323a Elizabeth St
North Hobart
TAS 7000
(03) 6234 4844