Lenôtre Paris

I was wandering in Paris during a recent vacation and accidentally found this dessert shop... Lenôtre Paris.
To be honest, I had never heard of this name ever. But the very delicate and interesting display at its window tells me that it is not just any other pastry cafe or dessert shop, but a REAL GOOD ONE.

Being a curious girl, and one with a sweet tooth, I decided that it is worth exploring. When I pushed open the heavy glass door, my jaws almost dropped to the floor!

Appearing in front of me is a jewelry shop of desserts! All those sweet pastries, cakes, chocolates, confectionaries were arranged in a very classy way under the crystal clear glass cabinets. There are also many interesting dessert-made decorations that glows under the dim light of the shop.

As much as I tried to appear slightly sophisticated (well, who wants to be seen like a village girl in such a posh place, right?), I can't help but marvelled at the beautiful things selling in the shop.

Oh my gosh, and my favourite macarons! They made these mini macarons in several flavors and they look so precious when arranged neatly in the clear plastic boxes.
To be honest, after conversion, the prices are pretty scary for an average wage earner from Malaysia like me. But it's so hard to pull myself away from this heaven without having a taste of their delicacies.
And so, I bought a box of mini macarons :)
A bite of those, and I almost screamed. They are crispy at the outer layer but melt-in-your-mouth in the middle. I am not exaggerating! I've tried some really good macarons in London, really GOOD ones, but this is... NEAR PERFECT!
Now I regret not spending more on other stuff, maybe a tarte or a piece of cake. Anyway, I can't be in Paris always right?

If you happen to be there, and like sweet stuff as well, please do not hesitate to try something from them.

44, Rue Auteuil
75016 Paris, France
+33 1 45 24 52 52

(I think it is one of the streets off Champs Elysees if I am not mistaken. I got confused with all the roads and French signs anyway!)