Before I talk about where to get sweets in Tassie, my friend Yvonne in Melbourne has been busy baking cupcakes. And she took photo of it and tag me on facebook. That's so sweet of her. I can't wait to bake cupcakes with her.

Here it is:

I can't remember which is mine. Was is the strawberry one or the cupcake one?

And there's more:

My name! She actually made only one E. So she had to paste the last E on photoshop. Teehee...

I found this small little hut on the way to Taroona from Sandy Bay. It really looks like those cowboy saloon. So I went in with the intention to get some Guiness Stout. But then I saw it on the board, "Desserts Special".

Makoto ordered the flourless orange cake. I took a bite and it's super good.

And I ordered the blueberry panna cotta. Hmmm... I love it too. But I prefer the orange cake more.

And then on some other day, I went up to North Hobart for dinner with friends. We stop by the ice-cream shop after meal. It's the shop next to Chatterbox. I love the setting of the shop, it looks like 1970s ice-cream bar with jukebox and leather chairs. You'll love it. I was feeling bad that I didn't tell my partner that I went out for dinner with other guys, so I bought him some gourmet chocolates. Since he's an alcoholic, I bought all the alcohol chocolates they have. It was quite pricey though. I text him that I bought some chocolate for him. At night when he came back drunk, he was shouting, "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

I love the champagne one. But the others.... erm.... I won't eat it even if it's free of charge. Word....

My best friend has been buying me cupcakes. She buys it whenever I'm really upset. That's like once a week. I think I'm experiencing mid-life crisis that's why my mood swing is so unstable. Here's the mix and match box.

And then, last week, she surprised me with the most beautiful cupcakes I've ever seen in my entire life:

I left the cupcakes on my dining table overnight. At night my partner was so tempted to eat it. I didn't let him, of course. Look, it has bling bling on the frosting.

There's also the rose flavour one. I love love love this one:

Life is so sweet!