$106,794 CUPCAKE

Oh my God! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!!

I just blogged about a $25,000 cupcake. Today I read about $106,794 cupcake!!! This is insane!!!

Now, what's so special about this cupcake? Well, you better ask, what's so special about the frosting instead. This thousand dollar cupcake is embellished with diamond on its frosting. Not just any diamond, but a GIA certified diamond. The diamond has total weight of 5.48 carat, F color grade, clarity grade of Si2.

Back to something which I can afford... the cupcake is available in vanilla or chocolate flavour. Who cares about the cupcake anyway?

If you're interested, go to http://www.since1910.com/. Your thousand dollar cupcake will be delivered overnight with no delay anywhere throughout the world. Isn't it fun to be rich? Unfortunately I'm not. Will somebody please propose to me with the cupcake? I want the vanilla flavour with strawberry cream frosting, please.

Source from: PR Web