snowflake taiwanese dessert

i'm a fan of desserts. so long as it looks decent, i'll raise my hands up just to try them. recently, i went to snowflakes at ss15 and fell in love with it. i didn't bring my camera, so i thought of trying it again.. coincidently i saw the same snowflake in pavilion. looks like they have branches too. being as excited as always, i immediately went there after shopping.

each customer will hold one "beeping ufo". when it vibrates, that means your order is ready to be collected. cool eh. damn creative, whoever came up with this idea.

this month's special dessert - sea amber jelly. crushed ice topped with sea coconut jelly and pearl.

their all-time speciality/best seller. i ordered the cold one. crushed ice topped with grass jelly, taro and sweet potato balls. the balls are very chewy, very much like bubble gum. :D

it also comes with a creamer. sadly, i don't think that creamer made much of a difference, probably made me put on a bit more weight.

it's worth a try if you're looking for something different. oh yeah, and if you are about to hit that place, do remember the portion is HUGE!