Desserts @ Marque IV, Tasmania

It was my last dinner with my girl friends in Hobart and I brought them to Marque IV. Apparently it's the best restaurant in Tasmania. I hadn't got the chance to try it out although I was living within few steps away.

Few years back Alwin told me that the food there is good. I've been wanting to go there. Until one day when we decided splurge on our food, I suggested we go there. And he told me it's already closed down. *gasp* Oh well, that's when I thought I missed out my chance to try the food in the best restaurant in Tasmania.

When they announced that Marque IV was reopening, I waited with jumpy feet. But Alwin refused to dine there with me. Since he's the one who knows a lot more about restaurants in Tasmania, I just have to follow suit (more like, he's the man and he wants to be in charge of where we should eat). He said Marque IV is under a new management (which according to them was only closed for renovation), and the head chef is some dude called Justin. Justin's creation is not really of Alwin's taste. So, to cut the story short, I didn't have the chance to eat there until when I was in charge to choose a place for dinner with my girlfriends.

Should have listen to that old man. The main course wasn't so great. I had steak, but Ball & Chain serves better steaks (duh! it's a steak house). I just love my beef!

The girls were so concern about putting on weights, so we shared two desserts. Girls will always be girls.

I ordered Moscato Berry Jelly.

It comes with strawberry 'clouds', raspberry sherbet, and sheep's milk sorbet. The sorbet was fantastic! Bias review.... I'm a fan of sorbet. But the moscato jelly was a bit disappointing. Probably because I put too much hope in it. It just tasted like moscato! I know it's lame to say that because it's a moscato jelly anyway. But in a place like a fine dining restaurant, I know they can do better. Anyway, what's a dessert chef's for? If I want the taste of moscato on my tongue, I have better selections if I just buy a bottle of wine and gulp it down. When it's a dessert, I expected some recreation.

I'll rate this 4/10.

Another one we had was the Banana Chocolate Pudding.

This was a better choice. After all, you can never go wrong with chocolate unless it's totally fucked up. It comes with salted caramel banana and chocolate toffee. I must say, the banana chocolate pudding was very good. It was moist enough. And the chocolate was so rich.

I rate this 7/10.

Marque IV
Elizabeth Street Pier
Hobart Tasmania
7000 Australia