Rebecca: Let's go for ice-cream after this.
Me: OK!
Others: We also want to go.

From a two-men show it became a huge ice-cream outing.

I was really excited before going to Kindori because Rebecca was telling me all the good things about Kindori. Apparently, it is made of fresh milk and frozen fresh fruits, and they make it right on the spot in front of your eyes.

REALLY!!! There's fresh frozen fruit!

Here's just some of it. There are more on the other side.

Vegetables icecream, anyone???

Carrot icecream, hmmm... remind me to try it the next time.

One word: FABULOUS!

They're really fresh! And it's not that creamy because they use 100% fresh milk and not cream.

We had 14 cups of different flavour.

And there's a promotion of buy second one at half price.

One down fall is, they don't allow us to mix and match our own flavour. According to the employee, they want to preserve the flavours. Sometimes people (like me) ask for queer flavour like raspberry + papaya + chocolate. Oh, I want! I love to experiment and that's the exciting part of it, right? Nevermind, I still had a great time there.

Done! All clean!

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