Heavenly Compote Waffle

I was on a boring shopping trip in Orchard Road, Singapore lately. Boring, because I was alone, and also because I wasn't in the mood of splurging.

Had a sudden craving for dessert, the need for some sugar to give me some adrenalin rush. So I wandered around and this shop in 313 (the one beside Orchard Central) caught my attention.

If not mistaken I tried their parfait before in a separate outlet somewhere (can't remember) and it was an "ok only" dessert.

However I saw that they were introducing the "Heavenly Compote Waffle", supposedly something new and popular from Japan.

It was only selling at SGD$3 each so I decided to give it a try. Stared at the choices for a few seconds and decided to go for something safe. Afterall, ANYTHING with cream and berries can't go wrong, can they?

My choice... Mixed berry and raspberry gelee fresh cream! Wee~

Unwrap it eagerly and took an immediate bite.
It's good. Ok, maybe I was desperate for something sweet at that time. But it's still good. The waffle is soft and spongy (is there such a word) and I love how the cold cream melted in my mouth. Berries... yumz....
It's a good snack for a hot day.