Desserts @ Brotzeit, KL

If you're looking for pork knuckle in Malaysia, Brotzeit is the only place that serves authentic German pork knuckle.

I'm going to skip all the main course because this is not a food blog, although I had pork sausage, pizza, macaroni and cheese as well. It's more niche than that. This is a dessert blog. So we'll go straight to the point.

All the desserts were on the house.

First, we were served with Bayrische Creme (RM12).

It has Bavarian vanilla cream with chocolate sauce and almond. There's raspberry at the bottom. All the combination is so good. It tasted really like panna cotta.

And then came the Chef's Creation (RM16).

It is the signature dessert at Brotzeit. It is vanilla ice cream, drizzled with pumpkin seed oil and topped with almond flakes. Though, I tasted pecan nuts in there. If you're a fan of nutty taste, you should really go for this.

There were a few other desserts that we failed to try because our stomach couldn't take it anymore. But for the sake of our readers, we shall list it here:

Eiskaffee espresso with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Schokolademousse white chocolate mousse with forest berry sauce

Kaiserschmarrn shredded pancake with rum and raisins served with plum sauce at the side

Apfelstrudel apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

Gemischtes Eis 3 scoops of home made ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, almond, rainbow sorbet)

They all sound really German, right?

Lot G (E) – 018,
Ground External Floor
Mid Valley City.