Jonker 88 Cendol in Malacca

While I'm still on the topic of Malacca desserts, I must show you guys the very famous Jonker 88 Cendol. For those of you who are not from Malaysia, Malacca is also known as Melaka. And Cendol is sometimes spelled as Chendol.

Look at the queue! I didn't lie when I say it's super famous. People from all over the country for the Cendol and your Malacca trip is not complete if you don't take one.

Cendol is made of fresh coconut milk in shave ice, the main ingredients are green slimy stuff, red bean and palm sugar.

The great thing about Joker 88 is that they use fresh coconut milk and the palm sugar are 100% genuine and homemade. This stall also has durian flavor cendol, which I think sucks because I naturally hate durian. Durian lover might find it a bliss though.

Besides Cendol, they also sell local noodles and hot meals.

Jonker 88
No. 88, Jonker Street,
(No reservation, line up the rest)