Nadeje Japanese Cake

Ever tried the famous crepe cake from Japan? If you're living in Malacca (or going there for a visit), be sure to visit Nadeje Bakery for the super fantastic Japanese crepe layer cake.

Nadeje Bakery only sells this cake to keep their business going. Can you imagine the popularity? Although they only sell one type of this layer cake, it comes in different flavours.

If you're a first timer, I would advise you to take the Original flavour first. The white chocolate cheese isn't that nice though. But every other flavours are quite ok. The green tea one is not bad. And the blackforest (or is it the strawberry and chocolate) one is also highly recommended.

Now, what is so special about this layer cake? Other than it's Japan product (everything Japanese is nice ne?), it is very soft. I mean very very very soft. The cake isn't baked from flour and egg like normal cake. They actually layer every single thin crepe and spread the cream in between.

Photos from Jason Mumbles

One tip to eat this cake. You must always start from the tip of the cake. Slice them with a fork downwards. Do not use a spoon, it will ruin the cake. If you want to take away on a long journey, they do sell an icebox and it comes with dry ice to keep the cakes fresh.

Sadly, the cake is quite expensive though. It's about RM8.50 or RM9.50 per slice, depending on the flavour. 

Nadaje Patisserie is located at Plaza Mahkota. Currently they have another branch at Dataran Pahlawan. Both in Malacca.