Possibly the worst cupcake store in Melbourne

Few days before my birthday, Yvonne wanted to give me a surprise. I felt a little bit suspicious that she left the house early. She told me she had to do something in QV. She didn't tell me what she wanted to do, neither did she asked me to accompany her. Anyway, I found out later that she went to The Cupcake Family located at QV Centre to pre-order my birthday cupcakes.

On the same day, (I had no idea she just went there at that time) I went to the same shop to get some macarons after my lunch. Since I had my camera with me, I thought of taking some photos so I could post up in this blog. The sales lady in the shop asked me to delete the photos I took with a stern face. She didn't bother to ask me what I wanted to do with the photos. I could have written a nice review on their shop for free publicity. Too bad, they probably assume that I am some spy that trying to copy their stuff. They could have asked.

On my birthday, I found out Yvonne had gotten me four cupcakes, custom made into Tiffany & Co. and Chanel design. Really lovely...

The day we collected the cupcakes, there were unpleasant experience too. There was a clueless man before us, making up his mind which cupcakes he wanted to get. As he was trying to figure out his choices, Yvonne passed the collection slip to the lady. She looked at Yvonne and said, "Wait!". As a sales lady, I think she should be more courteous and polite instead. We felt that she was ordering us in a way she was trying to execute his discretion.

All she needed to do is to take the collection slip and retrieve our cupcakes to us. That probably will take less than a minute. Instead, we had to wait 15 minutes or more for the man to finally decide what he wants. I know they have first-come-first-served policy. But times like these, you really have to bend the rule so that you'll be more efficient. Don't you think so? If the man is going to take half hour, it doesn't make sense for other customers to wait there without getting served.

We weren't that happy with the cupcakes too. Yvonne ordered two blueberries and two vanillas, and each of the flavor for each design. So we can get different design for different flavor. Instead, they gave us two blueberries for the Chanel design and two vanillas for the T&Co. They totally fucked up the order.

I could have forgive all the misfortunes if the cakes very nice. Sadly, they're not. The cakes were too dry. And the frosting was too sweet. I felt like I just put a cup of sugar into my mouth as I was chewing. The frosting was too hard, I had to peel them off and throw them away to avoid getting diabetes.

If you're wondering... No, I will not go back to this shop. There is a better cupcake store in Melbourne (which I will blog about it after this).

The only credit I will give to this shop is their fabulous design on the cupcakes. The customer service sucks big time. And the most disappointment is the cupcakes taste itself.

The Cupcake Family
22 Red Cape Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

(03) 9650 6485