Charlie Brown Cafe Penang

First of all, sorry if the photos don't turn out nicely. It was an impromptu outing. I thought I was just going to have a cup of tea with friends around my neighborhood... but suddenly we found this really cool cafe with a lot of Snoopy characters in it. It's called Charlie Brown Cafe located at Straits Quay, Penang.

Let's check out the desserts and cakes bain-maries!

All their cakes are decorated with really pretty Charlie Brown characters. I picked the tiramisu and green tea cheesecake to try.

The tiramisu is pretty awesome! It would be perfect if there's rum in it. I guess because they have to maintain their halal standard, so no rum. Too bad...

The green tea cheesecake doesn't have any green tea taste at all. Those little chocolate balls on top are pretty interesting. They pops in your mouth! And I thought the Woodstock is made of icing sugar so I skipped that since too much sweets won't do me good. My friend picked it up and ate it. It's actually white chocolate. Damn!!! I made a pretty stupid mistake.

They also have a souvenir shop where you can buy Charlie Brown merchandise.