High Society in Singapore

Here's another new and glamorous place for afternoon tea.... High Society at Marina Bay Sands. We really love the interior and that's the reason why we checked it out.

The bain marie is conveniently located at the entrance of the restaurant for you to try resist the temptation.

After being lured by the deliciously looking desserts, we finally took our seat and ordered the afternoon tea set.

The afternoon tea set comes with:

bacon, ham and cheese with foccacia (whatever that is) and egg mayo sandwich with a touch of truffle.

bacon quiche lorraine (super fantastic!) and seasonal lobster on toast.

And the last tray comes with chef's choice of assorted French pastries. This depends on your luck what you will get for the day. Here's ours:

Berry tart, moist dark chocolate cake, lemon cake, green tea macaron, toffee macaron and I can't tell what is the last piece.

What I love about their tea set is that it comes with 2 choices of tea, with your own pot each. Just in case your friend has a different taste in tea as you, you can have your own pot. And there's enough savory and not too many sweet selections, so you won't feel guilty of overeating sugar.

However, the macaron is just ok. I thought it would melt in your mouth and send me directly to heaven. Nope, it didn't. There are other shops that sell better macarons. But overall, their artisan desserts are worth trying.

The ambiance is also a great place to hangout. I actually feel like I was back in the 1920s as I stepped inside. Love the deco!

Their name is quite misleading as to their price. I would expect a sky rocket high bill but surprisingly, our afternoon tea set only cost somewhere around SGD25.

Great place! We will be back to try their other desserts, especially those tempting us on the bain marie.

*Photos are from my personal blog, that's why the watermark. Sorry if it appears annoying.